Payment Processing

The NPSP+ solution uses only the Stripe Payment Gateway for the following reasons:


Reliable and Scalable Payment Processing

It is our belief that the Stripe Payment Gateway is the most advanced payment processing engine available today, offering a host of features and scalability to service any organisation’s need. We have integrated very deeply with this payment gateway to make sure our clients never need to worry about technical failures, lost transactions, or unavailability of the payment gateway.


Smart Retry Logic for Failed Payments using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the most important and most value-based offerings of the Stripe Payment Gateway. By being able to use machine learning to determine the most appropriate time to attempt a card charge, our solution is more accurate, more successful, and more targeted in retrying failed payments. This rich and powerful feature set has never been offered in a Salesforce-based fundraising solution and we are proud to bring this to our clients.


Delegation of Responsibility 

The traditional way of building Salesforce-based fundraising solutions has been to develop the payment processing engine within the Salesforce platform and connect to a number of payment gateways for the actual processing of a single payment at a time.


We have taken a different approach in which we delegated all payment processing responsibilities to Stripe and kept all stakeholder management functions within the Salesforce platform. This means we were able to deeply integrate with the best payment gateway available today as well as not develop a feature set in Salesforce that was already available elsewhere. In essence, we have taken the approach of putting together the best puzzle pieces in today’s digital marketplace and complemented this with a set of capabilities the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack does not have.