Architectural Approach

We have brought together Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, Stripe, the world’s leading payment gateway, and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to automate reliable and scalable payments, machine learning-driven retries, receipts, refunds, and the ability to create your own donation pages underpinned by an unprecedented level of processing security.


In contrast to most Salesforce payment solutions which have developed payment processing logic within the Salesforce platform and generically connect to various payment gateways, we have delegated the entire responsibility of payment management to the world’s best payment gateway, Stripe, and connected this to the world’s best Salesforce Nonprofit Success Cloud.


This means that you will have the best digital platform at your disposal to perform the functions they have been developed to perform, including comprehensive PCI compliance, unparalleled security, and stronger donor engagement. By loosely coupling these two components together, your solution will always be at the latest possible evolution as both platforms consistently enhance their offerings.


This includes features such as using machine learning to retry failed transactions, implementing 3ds security (something that is already mandated in Europe), as well as secure payment checkout pages.