Migration from existing System

We regularly migrate our clients from existing systems, such as Raiser’s Edge, Donman, Microsoft Excel as well as a range of niche products. In cases of migration, we focus primarily on ensuring that your organisation has no net loss to either current functionality or transactional data. It is very likely that your underlying system processes will change (in other words, the way you do what you do) but we will ensure you are functionally covered when compared to current systems.


As such, we introduce a few additional steps to a new installation to the NPSP+ solution. We follow a fairly prescribed process as outlined below to ensure adoption and compatibility with any future releases of all solution components, including Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, Stripe Payment Gateway, and the NPSP+ itself. Our migration implementations are structured using the following steps:


1. Functional Gap Analysis

As your team will be used to working a certain way, using current systems, we will review & classify these processes with you, including the following outcomes:

  • (a) Critical to remain as is: these are current system processes that must remain as they are, examples of this might be Direct Debit processing & refund execution.
  • (b) Critical to remain but can change: these are critical & needed system capabilities but they system process to achieve these outcomes may change/improve using the NPS+ solution.
  • (c) Not required: these are current processes that exist to mitigate shortcomings of the technical systems in place rather than processes that improve the donor experience.

Following this activity, we will map (a) and (b) processes into the NPSP+ solution set to ensure your capability in only ever increased by installing our solution. In addition to matching current abilities, we will outline the many additional features you will have going forward, such as machine-learning retries for failed transactions, automated annual receipting, and donor self-service portals.


2. Future System Process Definition

The definition of your future system processes will very much be aligned to the core Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Stripe, and NPSP+ native feature set. We believe the clear advantages are to remain adaptable to continuous enhancements, technical simplicity of your solution architecture, as well as the minimisation of complex integrations. All these ambitions reduce your technical footprint and enable sustainable solution ownership.


3. Salesforce Core Platform Provisioning (New Instance)

The initial step of any NPSP+ fundraising implementation is the provisioning of the core Salesforce platform, which is completed with your dedicated Salesforce account executive and supported by Vertic, the global Impact partner behind the NPSP+ solution. Please feel free to initiate an online chat on our website to find out who your Salesforce Account Executive will be.


4. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Provisioning

Once the core Salesforce platform has been set up, your organisation will enrol in the Power of Us program to become eligible for a license discount, including the first 10 user licenses free of charge. This installs the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack which forms the foundation of the NPSP+ fundraising solution.


5. Stripe Payment Gateway Configuration

The NPSP+ solution is deeply integrated with the Stripe Payment Gateway to achieve reliability, scalability, and feature-rich offering. As part of an implementation, your organisation will become a Stripe customer to receive both a development and production instance. The account details from the Stripe Payment Gateway will be entered directly into the NPSP+ solution.


6. NPSP+ Solution Deployment

We now have all the required components in place to start installing the NPSP+ solution package directly on top of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and the Stripe Payment Gateway. All consulting and configuration work for the NPSP+ solution is performed by Vertic, a global Impact consulting partner with Salesforce.org. This step of the implementation installs the capabilities to manage donation pages, receipt templates, single donations, as well as the configuration and execution of recurring gifts.


7. Donation Page Design and Configuration

The next step in the implementation process is to start designing the layout components of the public donations page(s). Our donation page structure is fixed with the ability to configure logos, banners, colours, content, and payment options. This allows for great flexibility and security in ensuring that your donations are processed reliably and all financial transactions are tracked in Salesforce.


8. Receipt Templates Design and Configuration

The NPSP+ solution includes a complete Receipt Template management feature set; at this stage of the implementation, we work with your team to define receipt content (including personalisation options using merge fields), layout and branding. The NPSP+ receipt templates are fully HTML-compliant and we work with you to ensure mobile device accessibility and PDF rendering for letter receipts.


9. Data Migration (if required)

If your organisation is migrating from an existing fundraising solution, such as Raiser’s Edge, Donman, and simple spreadsheets, we will engage in assisting your team through the data migration process. This will include the definition of data quality rules, data retention rules, data cleansing & transformation as well as loading. It’s important to note that the majority of the data migration work is actually with our client’s teams, as the knowledge and historical understanding typically sits with those teams.


10. End User Training & Administration Training

Once the solution has been fully provisioned, donation pages configured, and receipts structured, we will train your internal team in the administration of the platform (this includes workflows, reports, dashboards, and security). We will also train your stakeholder team ins the use of the NPSP+ fundraising solution, including processing payments, setting up recurring gifts, issuing receipts, as well as every other part of the solution.


11. Production Deployment & Go-Live

You are ready to go live!


Congratulations on your new fundraising solution and unparalleled capabilities to recover failed transactions (using machine learning), reliably process donations, and automatically issue receipts.