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We have brought together Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, Stripe, PayPal, the world’s leading payment gateways, and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to automate reliable and scalable payments, machine learning-driven retries, receipt management, refunds, marketing engagement, audience segmentation, the ability to create your own donation pages, as well as enable self-service functions for your stakeholders, all underpinned by an unprecedented level of processing security.
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How is your fundraising solution different from other solutions?

Most fundraising and payment solutions have developed payment processing logic within the Salesforce platform and connect to various payment gateways for the actual processing of a payment.


We have delegated the entire responsibility of payment management to a specific payment gateway, Stripe, and connected this platform to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Cloud. This means that your organisation will, at all times, be able to take advantage of improvements and new technology within these market-leading platforms.


We believe, that both the Salesforce and Stripe platforms should perform the functions they have been developed for and are best at rather than retro-fitting complex payment processing to a CRM platform.

What's the best way to get started?

The best way to get started is to

  • Have a look at to learn about the Salesforce CRM platform.
  • Learn about Vertic, a global Impact partner, the developer behind this solution.
  • Connect with us for a free online demonstration of our fundraising solution.
  • We will connect you directly with the relevant account executives to get your journey started, based on your geographic location.

Once you are comfortable that both Salesforce and Vertic might be the right solution for you, we would be more than happy to arrange a personal conversation with you.

Are there ongoing license fees I need to pay?

Salesforce offers nonprofit organisations the platform free of charge for the first 10 users and heavily discounts license fees for each user following this. Our fundraising solution requires the following Salesforce components:

Our fundraising solution is democratically priced based on an organisation’s financial capability and (once the initial implementation cost has been covered), does not attract any ongoing license fees.

How much does your fundraising solution cost?

We have aimed to cost our fundraising solution to be affordable to most social organisations around the world, so there is no fixed cost so to speak. In general terms, we have an incremental cost model consisting of:

  • Essentials, which includes payment processing, receipting, and donations pages
  • Advanced, which includes Essentials as well as a self-service donor portal to allow to personal details updates, receipts downloads, and regular gift updates.
  • Enterprise, which included Advanced as well as stakeholder marketing journeys, such as welcome journeys, upgrades, and payment failures.

Who has developed the NPSP+ solution?

The NPSP+ solution has been developed on top of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to complement an extremely powerful digital platform. Vertic, a global Impact partner with, is the development firm behind this solution. Vertic has over 10 years implementation experience exclusively within the social sector across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. This has allowed Vertic to drive the design of the NPSP+ solution by experience and significant contributions from clients.

How to get in touch?

There are many ways you can get in touch with us, including the following:

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Start an online chat with us directly on this site
  • Request a demo by completing our online form
  • Complete the Contact us for and we will get in touch with you

Complete Feature Set

Do you want to learn about our complete feature set and implementation inclusions?

Do you want to learn about our complete feature set and implementation inclusions?

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About Vertic

The NPSP+ digital solution has been developed by Vertic, a globally accredited Salesforce implementation partner.

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